When I grow up…

Remember this guy? When he grew up he became a writer, an artist and a musician. So I gave him his latest grown up persona… music man! The cut, inpspired by Euro-rocker bands like Oasis, Blur, Radiohead was designed to give Mark an edgy creative look and to celebrate the release of his band’s single ‘How it Feels to be Running out of Time’. The new single brings song to the novels of Mark Allard,  cuz yes that’s right Mark is also a writer. Having read just the first few pages of his book Regressions I must say I’m excited to read the rest! Check out his band AF Satori on iTunes or cdbaby.com/m/cd/afsatori and his book ‘Regress.ions’ on itunes or facebook @regressionsbook.

MA Euro Rock

Mark Allard, Musician, Writer, Artist. November 2013