“For me the working of hair is architecture with a human element.” Vidal Sassoon

Like Vidal Sassoon, one of my great mentors, what I love most about hair is the art of sculpture. Whether a cut or just a style, I consider every angle of every creation. As with makeup I look to movies and different eras for influence on shape texture and style. I am constantly looking to my surroundings for inspriation, textures from nature, form from architecture, style from people.

In the salon, cutting is my specialty. From curly hair to long, men’s cutting or women’s short cuts I love to design a look through cutting. I start with a structure and finish it off with detail, and texture to complete the look.  And nothing completes a look like color. I prefer a natural color look to complement each hair cut.  For my more abstract cuts I prefer abstract color that plays on tone or placement in the hair cut.

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